Spring Branch Academy exists to bring glory to God through the provision of an excellent Christian high-school education in the liberal arts for home-schooled students.

Desiring another option for high school? 

Too overwhelmed to home-school alone? 

Concerned with the morals of public school? 

Seeking a thoroughly Christian worldview?

Spring Branch Academy is a home-school academy in Jonesville, Michigan offering the core curriculum of the Christian liberal arts for high-school students.

A home-school academy is a cross between regular school and home school.  Classes meet once or twice a week.  This is not a co-op of volunteers, but a private school with teachers.

Parents gain educational help, while students enjoy classroom interaction and learn self-management under God.


If you have any questions about this educational ministry or would like to enroll your student in Spring Branch Academy for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact Bob Snyder, founder and tutor.


Spring Branch Academy is sponsored by Countryside Bible Church, and is accountable in the Lord Jesus to the local church.