Spring Branch Academy exists to bring glory to God through the provision of an excellent Christian high-school education in the liberal arts for home-schooled students.

Desiring another option for high school?

Too overwhelmed to home-school alone? 

Concerned with the morals of public school? 

Seeking a Christian worldview?

Spring Branch Academy is a home-school academy in Jonesville, Michigan offering the core curriculum of the Christian liberal arts for high-school students.

A home-school academy is a cross between regular school and home school.  Classes meet once or twice a week.  This is not a co-op of volunteers, but a private school with teachers.

Parents gain educational help, while students enjoy classroom interaction and learn self-management under God.

State Capitol Field Trip, Lansing, Michigan (24 May 2016)
State Representative Eric Leutheuser with the junior and senior class on the House floor.

If you have questions about this educational ministry or would like to enroll your student in Spring Branch Academy, please contact the director, Pastor Bob Snyder.

Spring Branch Academy is sponsored by Countryside Bible Church and is accountable in the Lord Jesus to the local church.