Book Lists

As a Christian school with classical methods, Spring Branch Academy makes use of a lot of primary source material.  The following pages provide links to textbooks according to the curriculum’s core subjects.

Mathematics – Prealgebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus/Trigonometry

Science – Nature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Language – Hebrew, Greek I, Greek II, Logic, Rhetoric

Theology – Theology I, Theology II, Theology III, Theology IV

Humanities – Humanities I, Humanities II, Humanities III, Public Policy

Note: The Bible class has only one textbook—the Bible.  No version is specified.

Entries are listed under the class name and the month the textbooks are assigned.  Each entry is brief.  For exact identification, please follow the underlined hyperlink (Ctrl + left click).  Ignore the book cover, which often changes, and note the publisher, the editor, and the edition.  Note: The hyperlink website is for identification only and is not necessarily a recommendation for purchase.  Also, on some entries a “Note” has been added.  Please pay close attention to these notes, because they often clarify the expectations for the book.  For more information on theology or humanities texts, consult the course bibliography in the course schedules.

All the materials specified under a month should be obtained before the month begins.  The materials are listed in the order that they are scheduled to be assigned.

You have four options for obtaining materials:

Online – More and more, items are being placed online for free, often as a pdf.  In the book list, some of these free items have been linked.  With regard to online material, please verify the correct edition and guard against pirated material.

Purchase – Many used books are sold very affordably through  Some books in the list have an alternative Dover Thrift Edition, which is very inexpensive.  Some are quite affordable as electronic books, say, on a Kindle.  If a title is simply too expensive or too difficult to obtain, parents should notify the teacher immediately.  There may be a copy available to borrow.  Please, please do not order an expensive book.

Library – Both the church and the academy have a library.  Also, through inter-library loan at your local public library, you can obtain many of the books.  Please plan well in advance for using inter-library loan, because it takes time for a book to arrive and you will only be allowed to keep a book for so long.

Parents – Other parents may have books from previous years that they would be willing to lend or give to your family.  Please contact other parents through the Spring Branch Academy Book Swap.

Final Note on Endorsement: These books are used for educational purposes.  Many of them do not reflect the truth of the Bible; consequently, they do not have the endorsement of the academy or Countryside Bible Church.