12419303_1137932226226786_4582404649187904670_oPastor Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder is an ordained minister of the gospel, serving as founder, director, and tutor of Spring Branch Academy, and also as one of the associate pastors at Countryside Bible Church in Jonesville, Michigan. He has Bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, an M.Div., and a Ph.D. in Church History from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Jinna have been married over twenty-five years, and have been blessed with six children.


Mr. Andy van der Harst

Mr. van der Harst is a recent graduate from Hillsdale College with majors in mathematics, economics, and religion.  He is currently the local director for Young Life, an evangelical outreach for teens in the public school.  It is a privilege to have him teach students in mathematics.

Mr. Aaron Darlington

Pastor Aaron Darlington serves as one of the associate pastors at Countryside Bible Church and teaches second-year Greek.  He brings quite a bit of language background to the class, having traveled as a missionary for three years in about twenty countries and also having been trained in English, linguistics, and the biblical languages.  For three years, he taught at a classical school in the Los Angeles area.

Mr. Keith Keana

Mr. Keana comes with a considerable amount of experience teaching chemistry in the United States Air Force, including the academy in Colorado.  Equipped with both a bachelor degree and a master degree in chemistry, he also brings to his teaching a passion for God’s wisdom and ways in science.  He and his wife are currently raising two children, both of whom take classes at the academy.  He also teaches some upper-level mathematics.