Mission Statement
Spring Branch Academy exists to bring glory to God through the provision of an excellent Christian high-school education in the liberal arts for home-schooled children.

The academy has four overall aims:

  1. To assist parents in giving their children an excellent high-school education for college and for life.
  2. To train all students to become worshipers and to fulfill their God-given roles as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  3. To extend the pastoral ministry of the church into more homes and into more areas of a student’s life.
  4. To glorify God, by making His Son more visible in the community through this excellent good work.

In addition to these overall aims, the academy has the following specific goals:

  1. To ensure that the final responsibility for educating the child rests upon the parents.
  2. To keep the cost of education affordable, especially for large families.
  3. To provide an excellent alternative to the public school system – an alternative that will provide a valid option for concerned parents and also bring glory to God and to Jesus Christ in this community.
  4. To teach a full curriculum in the liberal arts – theology, history, literature, science, foreign language and mathematics.
  5. To meet the core requirements for graduation in the state of Michigan. The entire high school program gives 24 credits, which is based upon either the completion of a purchased curriculum or about 150 hours of coursework per course. Parents are solely responsible for any elective credits (music, athletics, etc.) added for graduation. Electives may be obtained through home activities, apprenticeship, local organizations and teams, or through other schools, such as the local public high school (e.g. band, music, physical education, and career center).
  6. To prepare students for college, even if this is not God’s will for their lives. Juniors and seniors who excel should explore the possibility of earning college credit through dual enrollment.
  7. To instill wisdom, both unto salvation through the knowledge of Scripture (2 Timothy 3:15), and unto right living in this evil age through a guided exposure to the thought and culture of Western Civilization.
  8. To nurture leaders, who will lead their family, community, and church in God’s word and in wisdom.
  9. To be a ministry of gifted teachers led by men with a pastoral heart, rather than an institution with mere positions to be filled. As a Christian school under the authority of both church and home, male leadership is increasingly affirmed as a student grows older and as the curriculum becomes more pastoral in content.
  10. To be financially responsible as a business, relying more on tuition than donations, and remunerating teachers on a level comparable to the local public school system.

Regarding these goals, let it be remembered that none of them can succeed apart from the grace of God. Therefore, the academy is committed to prayer, both in the academy and for the academy. This commitment to prayer is vital for humility, faith, and love, because without God’s grace, knowledge will puff up, lead astray, and promote selfish ends.