Four-Year Plan

The following table describes the normal sequence of courses.  New students with existing credits are encouraged to seek counsel for specialized plans that will satisfy graduation requirements.


           Theology – Theology I

                                Foundation: Creation over Evolution

                                Faith: The Doctrine of the Bible

                                Family: Work as Vocation

           Humanities I – Western Civilization I: Ancient/Medieval

           Science – Nature

           Language – Greek I

           Math – Algebra I or Pre-Algebra


           Theology – Theology II

                                Foundation: Christian Pluralism in a Relativistic Age

                                Faith: The Doctrine of God

                                Family: Personal Finances

           Humanities II – Western Civilization II: Reformation/Modern Europe

           Science – Biology

           Language – Greek II

           Math – Geometry or Algebra I


           Theology – Theology III

                                Foundation: Social Order within a Trinitarian Worldview

                                Faith: The History of Redemption

                                Family: Marriage

           Humanities III – American History & Literature

           Science – Chemistry

           Language – Logic

           Math – Algebra II or Geometry


           Theology – Theology IV

                                Foundation: Knowledge and Language in a Postmodern World

                                Faith: The Doctrine of Salvation

                                Family: Parenting

           Humanities IV – Public Policy: Civics, Economics, Medicine

           Science – Physics

           Language – Rhetoric

           Math – Precalculus/Trigonometry or Business Math

Elective Options        

           Public School Non-Core Elective (e.g. art, band, music, PE)

           ISD Career Center (e.g. construction trades)

           Dual Enrollment (e.g. calculus)

           Online Course