Regular Attendance Is Not True Membership

There once was a man who had many sons and daughters.  The oldest son was very dutiful in attending all the official family gatherings.  Punctual to a fault, he always arrived with just the right gift, just the right smile, and just the right words.  Congenial yet efficient, he also left on time to pursue his other activities throughout the week.  The youngest son, on the other hand, did not always arrive on time, but he did pursue his father’s heart throughout the week.  In fact, the youngest viewed his relationship with his dad and with his siblings as a family thing more than as an appointment to keep or an event to attend.  As a result, he actually knew his family members well (much to his father’s pleasure), remembering their names and bearing their burdens on his heart throughout the week.  In the end, the youngest knew the meaning of “one another”, while the oldest remained simply “one”.

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