Spring Branch Book House

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Spring Branch Book House is the publishing ministry of Spring Branch Academy, fulfilling the same mission to promote the worship of God through the exposition of Scripture, the explanation of history, and the application of faith in Christ to all of life.

Several publications are available in digital format below. In addition, there are currently plans to make physical copies of these materials available as well. Please stay tuned to this page for updates on these and other projects.

Announcement: A hard copy of A Question-Answer Book on American History by Pastor Bob is now available! You can learn more about this resource and purchase a copy here.

From the description:

“Would you like a map of American history? This Question-Answer Book outlines the spiritual and political past of the American people, including the heroes and villains of American church history. Though useful to everyone, this book is especially designed for the education of American children. Lessons are graded according to their difficulty, with children memorizing answers at their level. By God’s grace, American children will gain a sense of the vices and virtues of this land as part of the overall providence of God in history.”


A Question-Answer Book on American History

A Question-Answer Book on Biblical History

Evangelicals and Catholics: A Young Seminarian Looks at an Old Debate

My Sense of Calling as a Christian Historian

The Lenitive of Sorrow



A Southern Unionist: The Ministry of William T. Brantly and the State of Evangelical Unity in the Triennial Convention

How I Love Your Law, O Lord! Meditations on Psalm 119 about Life in the Word

Seven Baskets of Fragments: Essays on Scripture, the Gospel, Ministry, and Culture