Jesus, Joy of Humble Hearts

Jesus, joy of humble hearts!
Fount of life!  Light of men!
From the best that earth imparts,
We turn unfilled to You again.

Firm, Your word has ever stood;
You answered us, when we did call;
To us, who sought You as our good–
We found You as our all in all.

We taste You, holy Living Bread,
And long to feast upon You still;
We drink of You, our Fountainhead,
And yearn again to drink our fill!

Our restless spirit looks for You,
Wherever our changing lot is cast;
So glad, we are, Your smile to see,
And blest, when faith has held you fast.

O Jesus, come and ever stay–
Draw near, as we draw near to You;
Your light converts our night to day;
Your love within makes all things new.

Text: Based upon Jesu dulcis memoria, as translated by Ray Palmer.

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