A Christmas Hymn on True Theology

O wise men, come and ponder,
Who is the wisest here?
Before the One named Wonder,
Our minds are taught to fear.
How do your gifts add honor?
How does that star shine bright?
Their Maker is their Owner;
This Baby born is Light.

How does He fit the manger,
Or rest in Mary’s arm?
He holds her world in splendor,
And keeps her from all harm.
How can this Son be mortal,
Or learn to walk and talk?
His pathways are eternal,–
Our strong, all-knowing Rock.

O blessed Incarnation,
Your glory stills our tongue!–
Defies our explanation,
Yet bids us yield our song.
O blessed Incarnation!
O mystery sublime!
To know brings adoration
And wonder for all time.

Text: Based in part on Sidney Godolphin, “Hymn.”
Tune: “Aurelia,” by Samuel D. Wesley (1864).

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