The Family Tree of Christ

Hail, Jesus Christ, the promised Seed!
Hail, Son of patriarchs and kings!
Receive our praise as we repeat
Your family tree and what it brings.

Hail Son of nomad Abraham–
Like Isaac, You had wondrous birth!
You are God’s own provided Lamb,
Now risen, blessing all the earth.

Hail Son of royal David’s house–
Like Solomon, you share God’s throne!
Now ask for Your inheritance;
Receive the nations as Your own.

Hail Son of slain Jerusalem–
Like Israel in captivity!
You bore their guilt and died for them,
To free them from iniquity.

O Christ, we Gentiles joy to find
That even we are in Your tree!
But now, O sinless Son divine,
Your second tree has set us free!

Rejoice, all nations, join to tell
How great the Gospel grace begins!
Hail “God-with-us”–Immanuel!
Hail “Jesus”–Savior from our sins!

Text: Based upon Matthew 1:1.

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