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The holy name of God is “I AM” or “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14). As His “memorial-name,” by which He will be remembered forever (v. 15), should “I AM” be the way Christians address God today? For an interesting answer from the New Testament, read the recent article by Bob Snyder, “The Divine … More New Article

The Story of Job: Gratuitous Evil, or “Bad Grace”

Fast forward: Job is the greatest man of the East.  God boasts.  Satan accuses.  God allows.  Job loses.  First, his riches and his children.  Then, his health.  Heart-stricken perhaps, his wife tells him, “Curse God and die.”  But Job refuses. Already the life of Job tells us two things:  First, there is pain in this … More The Story of Job: Gratuitous Evil, or “Bad Grace”

The Calculus of Glory

In mathematics, there is a ladder of difficulty, ascending from one subject to the next. Discounting geometry, which kind of lives in a world of its own, the ladder ascends as follows—arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and finally, calculus. In the world of calculus, however, something strange happens. The ladder dips into the clouds, and enters the … More The Calculus of Glory