Gracious Names

The childless man at ninety-nine Received the name of Abraham; The farmer threshing clandestine Was hailed, “O valiant, mighty man!” The lifeless girl upon her bed And Lazarus within his grave Are just asleep–they are not dead– Before the One who came to save. O God of creativity, You name the not as if it … More Gracious Names


I’m really one of the bad guys, No matter my disguise– No matter how I fare to others, Besting some and worsing others. I really do no good. The good I wish, I do not do, But do the very thing I hate; And when I judge, I do the same. I’m blind to my … More Bad

The Yoke

“O come,” You say, “to Me and find The rest you so much crave. With gentle spirit, A lowly mind, I came to seek and save.” “But Lord,” I say, “You surely jest, For You command a yoke. To bear a burden? This is no rest! This ‘freedom’ seems a joke!” “In faith,” You say, … More The Yoke